Written and directed by Julián Mesri

An urban tragicomedy about people with everything. 

Karen is throwing a party, Ellen’s bringing Alec, and Merv is the wild card. Lisa, well, Lisa’s on her way and yes, she’s bringing her things

Production History

Intar Theater (workshop): January 2015

Peoples Improv Theater: December 2014

With:  Sarah Peele, Lorie Steele, Bryn Packard, Toby Knops and Rebecca Patek

Assistant Director: Julia Cavagna 

all photos by John Kilbane

It’s just with all the – I mean I can’t believe that he – but you – I mean, I know it could, of course it can, but he - you don’t know Karen, you don’t know what he and I – oh, I don’t know, and then Lisa, but what you don’t know with the – I mean, it’s a bit more – it’s about the things, with Lisa. It wasn’t – I mean, it wasn’t her – I mean, with Lisa. It’s a bit more. I don’t know. With all the things. I just wish – I don’t know, I wish we could – just eat cheese. Do it for me? I can’t be a widow yet Karen, I don’t know, do I even own enough black? Does one even go in mourning anymore? What does that even mean?

You’ll be a fine widow, Ellen. You’ll be a fine widow.